Why I Never Plan to Downsize

Update, 4.2018:  (Turning of the head, embarrassed look).  It happened.  This must be how politicians feel when they make promises!  Back in 2011, I wrote my original post.  Then I was childless.   Three kids later, I still agree with everything I wrote, but I’m also seven years older and have accepted that space was bought for the sake of more sanity.  We are in a townhouse though and while some days I want a bigger place, I am still not sold.  Posting this in remembrance of my younger days=). 


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Looking Out for Baby #3

Crochet Mama

I have a thing for #3’s.  In my family, I am the third child.  Ironically, I didn’t really plan to have three children (surprise!). But there you go, God gave me another treasure.  And probably for good reason because I advocate for those #3’s I tell you.

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For the Clumsy Mother

If you’re the type who loses your keys often, always leaves your car lights on, gets caught with your clothes inside out, goes to the store to buy dinner because you are desperate for a meal, only to drive home and realize you left the rotisserie chicken at the store, know that you are NOT alone.

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When Life as a Mom Seems Mundane

On a day when dishes and laundry pile high or when whining is in overabundance (ohhhh yesss), visiting the elderly and blessing them blesses me back a hundred fold. Despite having young children, I try and make it a habit to visit our local nursing home often (when they are not sick, of course).  It’s not the typical playground nor is it the most convenient place to bring young children.  But visits to see the elderly are exciting because that’s when my kids and I witness the magical effects of kindness.

Maddie’s masterpiece hanging in one of the resident’s rooms

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Melt my Heart Gift Ideas for Baby Sprinkles/2nd or 3rd time Moms

Giving gifts to non first time moms can be quite a drag.  Throughout this third pregnancy, I had plenty of people ask me “What do you need?” Quite frankly, I had nothing exciting or creative to offer my friends.  With a boy and a girl already, the most exciting thing I could dream up was diapers, wipes and snacks…sigh..I know. Not exactly what people are looking are for.

My friends/family happen to be extremely thoughtful and creative. So if you’re in bind as to what to give to your friends who are expecting their 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th…19th?, here are some of my favorite gifts that were given to us this time around.  I, for one, have been taking notes and plan to copy these ideas for fellow expecting friends: Continue reading