Why Your Bathroom Etiquette Matters

Adobe SparkGoing to the bathroom and having bathroom etiquette may not change the world. But having good bathroom etiquette can make a bigger difference in someone’s life than you would think.

Hear me out.  If you want to care for the older people in your life (and for the little ones too) you can start by doing one thing. Make good choices after you use the bathroom every time.  It’s quite simple. Continue reading


All the Single Ladies

I am in over my head.  By the time my husband and I struggle to get all the kids in bed (and to get them to stay there), I plop myself on the couch exhausted and often, quite hopeless.  Sleep is what I need, yet my feeling is that if I tuck myself into bed, tomorrow will come in a blink.  Sigh…this season of my life is filled with cute faces and snuggles, YES.  But many times it feels overshowered with lots of crying, temper tantrums, wiping long streams of stretchy boogers, singing songs in exhaustion, reading books(again and again), whining, little people chanting “Hoooooold me! Hoooooolld me!” and more.   What do single ladies have to do with all this?

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Sundays for Grandma

The amazing thing about my grandma is that she is now 102 and still going strong.  She has her memory, her mind, her opinions and is still able to go up and down the stairs and use the bathroom herself.  I’ve worked in senior care for awhile and trust me. That’s AMAZING.  She lives with my awesome sister and brother-in-law and their four kids. And if that’s not good enough to have children around you all the time, the rest of our family surround her often.   We have birthday parties for the 9 great grandkids and Chinese New Year celebrations. When people find out how old Mama is and hear about her current situation, they call her blessed. She calls herself blessed.

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When Life as a Mom Seems Mundane

On a day when dishes and laundry pile high or when whining is in overabundance (ohhhh yesss), visiting the elderly and blessing them blesses me back a hundred fold. Despite having young children, I try and make it a habit to visit our local nursing home often (when they are not sick, of course).  It’s not the typical playground nor is it the most convenient place to bring young children.  But visits to see the elderly are exciting because that’s when my kids and I witness the magical effects of kindness.

Maddie’s masterpiece hanging in one of the resident’s rooms

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Reconsidering 100th Day – pretty please?

Today is 100th at my nephew’s school. Oddly, because of the weather, it’s been pushed until tomorrow.  So I have no huge qualms with teachers, students or parents who love 100th day. I personally think we should make more holidays to celebrate. Here’s my main issue.  No one seems to have an issue with it.  I have never heard any concerns over it in the general public, in the paper, which brings me not to make a plea to cancel the day.  Instead my call to you as parents, teachers, administrators, future parents!, etc. is to just THINK about the way we celebrate it.  And maybe how we can do it better.


A grateful heart, Mama (100)

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