About Being Old

For the first 26 years of my life, my grandparents and I were close housemates.  There were tough moments. There were times of annoyance. But through sharing everyday moments like watching TV, walking home from school, and eating many many meals together, I grew to love and better understand the older generation.  If it had not been for parents who were willing to live together with their parents, I would never have developed such a special relationship with Mama and Yeye. And I would have never grown such an affection for the older generation.


The oldest, my grandma (101) with the youngest, my boy (2 months)

When I went out of state for college, I remember feeling a void in my life.  “Where are all the old people around here?” I remember thinking.  I missed my grandparents and so though it wasn’t quite the same, I decided to join the Nursing Home Ministry at Houghton College where we would visit residents on a weekly basis.  I found a peace and joy in visiting these older friends of mine and following college was blessed to start my first job working at Erickson Retirement Communities.

In living with my grandparents I came out of college already with 20+ years experience “working with the elderly.”  In my teenage years, I did resent having to be around my grandparents all the time, but with time I have come to see how God blessed me with a fulfilling career and affection for the elderly. Since I started working professionally with seniors, I have had the opportunities to work in operations to fitness to outreach to sales and now hospice. Yes, I have taught senior aerobics! And yes, in my current job, I educate people about caring for those who are dying. Along the way, I was also blessed to be able to get a Masters in Public Health at the University of Maryland College-Park.

When my peers ask me what I do, the response is often, “Oh… that must be so depressing” or “that must be so hard!”   And that is how my blog started. With hopes of winning peers and others over.  In reading my posts, my hope is that you would start to see the beauty, joy and honor it is to be able to love, serve and befriend the older people around you. Life is such a gift and I believe there is no time to be wasting.

To God be the glory. For he has been so good and gracious to me!



We’re a bit of a mix!

Life has changed quite a bit since I first started my blog in 2010.  It amazes me but I now have three fun little beings that call me “Mom”. I love to write and since becoming a mother, my posts now ranges from aging to motherhood to the latest DIY project. Blogging is therapeutic to me.  And while you may see some of the cutest pictures of all time on my blog (in my opinion), know that behind each sweet snapshot, there are always stories of both chaos and kindness behind them.

Thank you for reading and following me! Please feel free to email me comments or questions at aboutbeingold@gmail.com. I’d love love love to hear from you.



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