Why I Never Plan to Downsize

Update, 4.2018:  (Turning of the head, embarrassed look).  It happened.  This must be how politicians feel when they make promises!  Back in 2011, I wrote my original post.  Then I was childless.   Three kids later, I still agree with everything I wrote, but I’m also seven years older and have accepted that space was bought for the sake of more sanity.  We are in a townhouse though and while some days I want a bigger place, I am still not sold.  Posting this in remembrance of my younger days=). 


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Looking Out for Baby #3

Crochet Mama

I have a thing for #3’s.  In my family, I am the third child.  Ironically, I didn’t really plan to have three children (surprise!). But there you go, God gave me another treasure.  And probably for good reason because I advocate for those #3’s I tell you.

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This is How I Know What Love is

Update (originally published in 2014): Reflecting on the lessons my grandma taught me to stick with my honey even when loving requires muscle and tears. Missing her now. 

beautiful (1)

We learn best from example and the best lessons I’ve learned are often from people older than myself.  My big sister coupons, bakes. And she rocks at giving a good meal to her family and whoever swings by.  I learn through watching her.   Continue reading

Why I Care So Much for My Grandparents – A Proper Sendoff

Update: Last Monday, my precious grandma at 102.5 went home to be with the Lord.  She was great company or more so my spunky “girlfriend” and one of the special examples in my life of what it meant to trust God while still keeping it so very real.  She was my safe space, always available (literally because she didn’t go out much) and someone who taught me that you can lose teeth, gray your hair, use a walker and yet be extremely beautiful at the same time.  Six years ago, I wrote this post and after loving on Mama even to her last day, I can say with full confidence that it was SUCH an honor to send her off.  She was blessed, but I have been blessed even more.  This one’s for you Mama and for the many others who I hope will get a similar sendoff like yours. 

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Finding a Good Nursing Home or Rehab Facility for Someone You Love

Looking for a nursing home for your loved one can be an emotional and difficult process.  Just in the past month, my grandma who has lived at home with our family for decades, fell and due to this fall needed more care than we could handle.  The process of finding a new “home” for Mama was heart wrenching (it still makes my heart sink thinking back).  We all knew that the move meant she was one step further in her decline.  From the youngest littles in our family to the oldest, our family wanted so badly to keep her at home. Continue reading

Gift Ideas for Grandparents (or Nursing Moms)


The older one gets, the less one often needs.  Have you ever considered that with each year, someone likely receives less gifts, less visits, less phone calls, etc.?  Gifts (check out my post on Gifts for Grandma) are often a sign of love. While we shower people with gifts during the holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings, baby showers and even retirement parties, how often do we shower the elderly with love through our gift giving?

Would it bring a smile to their face? It could.
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