Can We Say Goodbye to the Mundane Life?

I wish all you girls out there could have a relationship with your grandfather like I did with mine. As time pulls us into October, the memories of last October become way too real.  Almost a year has passed since my grandpa died. He was 98 years old.

This is something that sunk in just this year. That death is unavoidable even for the healthiest of the bunch. Even for my grandpa, even for me.  I live a young life surrounded by excitement for the future. I recently got married and graduated from grad school. I have new experiences ahead, yet I know that life could be over but in a second.   Did you know that each day hundreds of people in my county, even the rich county that it is, are seriously ill?  In my eight hour work day, people die.  Not the typical work day, but really TOD (time of death) is an acronym I see in my emails often and that’s what I get news of during my day.

I’m ready….GOODBYE! (I promise for a happier picture next time.)

It sounds morbid but this is life isn’t it? So why do we live life as if we’re immune to death?  Why do we sit around bored? Why do we spend money and time on worthless things? And why in the world do we let life roll by and just sigh? Still a question that drives me crazy.  My job reminds me that life is meant to be full of LIFE, not full of mundane blas and comfortable repetition. It reminds me to live by the Spirit, to love God, to say sorry, to be honest with friends, and to love others with all the heart and HUG that I have.


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