Dad in his last month carrying my son, Samuel, who we named in honor of him.

My love for writing is something I consider passed down from my dad.  In 2013, my dad was first diagnosed with a rare form of small cell cancer and if you asked him then or even months later what was important to him, he would tell you that he wanted more time because he wanted to write.

Knowing that another book was not too realistic, a month before Dad passed, I helped him start a blog,  We spent much of his last months choosing the URL and brainstorming.  And in the midst of his decline, Dad would often email me with ideas for future posts or he’d send me articles he had previously written to post onto the blog.  He would even send me comments when I made typos, etc.  It was something important to him.  In the end, he never had a chance to type his own post but his blog was filled with many articles he previously wrote.  My hope (in time) is to continue posting articles and things Dad has written.  Please visit and feel free to comment and even suggest ideas on posts in honor of my dad.

May you be encouraged and may God be glorified as you read the words of a very wise, meek and humble man (check out other posts about how my dad taught me about Facebook, his one way he amazed me, and more).

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Dad telling his namesake that he prays that he would grow up to love Jesus and honor parents/grandparent. (3.2015)

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