With all the writing I have been doing, I have not been participating in any book reviews. I just don’t have time. But this was one exception.

Today I am reviewing the book, Mended: restoring the hearts of mothers and daughters, by Blythe Daniel and her mom, Helen McIntosh. With Mother’s Day rolling around, I am happy to be able to giveaway a copy of this book!

To enter, you need to do TWO things. 1. Login using the widget and click “I commented!” after you enter. 2. Leave a comment in the comment section telling me one of the best qualities about your mom by 11:59pm, Thursday, May 9. There are some of you who do not have your mom here with you and so Mother’s Day may be a bittersweet time. Leave a comment to remember and honor her.

These are the reasons I really am grateful for this book, hence the plug:

  • This book is written by a grown-up daughter and her mom! Two perspectives!
  • I have read a lot of books recently (since writing has caused me to read more) and finding a book that focuses on the special, yet complex, slightly moody relationship between mothers and daughters is not only unique, but so very helpful. It’s great to find a resource to better myself as a daughter and mother of a daughter.
  • I love that it doesn’t offer one answer, but offers many practical ways to improve our mother/daughter relationships to what they should be.

In one of the chapters of my book, I talk about aging parents and how they can drive us crazy. Whether your mom is your best friend or she’s just driving you crazy, there are ways we can build our relationships to be better.

Is this is a book you’re interested in or you think you could win for a friend, enter this giveaway by telling us one of your momma’s best qualities! You can also grab a copy of your own at Amazon.

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8 Replies to “Restoring the Mother/Daughter Relationship: Book Review & Giveaway”

  1. My mom is the walking definition of sacrificial, endless love. She never gripes or complains about helping her family but is always there to pitch in with whatever is needed.

    1. Love that! I have only ever heard you say great things about your mom! Happy Mother’s Day to her and you!!

  2. My mom has a heart for others. She is a hardworking, dedicated Nurse Practitioner who not only built the pain management team for Shock Trauma but who still works on the floor there (nearly everyday).

  3. My mom loves to talk to strangers. Sometimes, it drives me nuts, but she it is because she has such a heart for others to know Jesus, that she’ll strike up a conversation with anyone anywhere — at the grocery store, waiting room, restaurants, etc.

  4. My mom is the best at making conversation. She’ll make you feel like you’ve been old friends! There’s not going to be a quiet moment when she’s at your get together!

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