Enter my flash giveaway of The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories by visiting www.facebook.com/aboutbeingold.  You must comment from today, Friday, December 14th until Sunday, December 16th with your best advice/hack/tips for clumsy and absentminded people.  This topic happens to be near and dear to my heart. Let’s just say I  have “friends” who deal with this issue. =)

So I was given a copy of the Beginner’s Bible to review. If you’re a churchgoing family with young kids or even older kids, you likely have seen this Bible already. Here’s my thoughts on it!

What I Like About It

Creating anything with the title Bible in it is NO JOKE. It’s a weighty thing to create a different version of something entirely holy.  The Beginner’s Bible is a simplified version of the real Bible and what’s nice about it is that it is over 500 pages, which means it includes a whole heaping bunch of stories from the Bible.

I love idea of giving my kids a Bible, even if it is a simplified version so they learn to understand the importance of this Book. One of favorite parts of this book is that it has a dictionary at the end with words that may be new to the reader.  Words like “commandment”, “leprosy”, or “tabernacle” totally can help a child (and honestly an adult) understand the Bible better.  Love that!

Finally, I love that there is also an Old Testament and a New Testament.

Who I Recommend It For

The Beginner’s Bible is something I’d recommend for new moms to purchase if you have young children, 6 and under!  Consider The Beginner’s Bible as a great tool to talk about the coming of Baby Jesus this Christmas season. And a great tool to spark up other great important conversations with your child!

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