Do you like free things?? This week, I’m hosting my blog’s first ever ever giveaway.  Even better, it’s something that my kids and I ACTUALLY like and recommend!

I was given a copy of the Brick Builder Bible to review and I genuinely like this book. As you gear up and brainstorm holiday gifts, you might want to consider The Brick Builder Bible as a holiday or future birthday gift.  On a side note, if you are in need of help when it comes to giving gifts, check out one of the best blog posts I’ve seen on gift giving ideas here).

Why I liked this book

I honestly wouldn’t think of purchasing a Bible with LEGO like figures in it, but after receiving a copy of this, I soon found out that my kids LOVED it.  Since they are LEGO lovers all 6 and under, the colorful LEGO-like pictures resonated with them.  It kept their attention and for the past week at least, they have been requesting that I read it every night!

What I personally liked was that each story is only about 2-4 pages and has a “Brick Builder” application that is easy for young kids to understand. It is not easy to read an entire story to young kids without squirming and distraction.  With this book, I was able to read the story and teach them something despite their short attention span.

Who I recommend it for

Ages 7 and under: I think the Brick Builder’s Bible is meant for younger children.  Because the stories are fairly simplified from the original Bible, it wouldn’t be as interesting or loved by kids around 10+ years of age.

BOYS AND GIRLS.  I thought my boys would be the ones who mainly liked this book, but quite the contrary. My daughter really likes this Bible and asks me to read it to her often.  This book is definitely for both girls and boys!


To enter to win this giveaway

Simply comment below and tell me your best tip for fighting cold weather. Gloves, awesome hacks, bundling up like puffy muffins.  Please share your wisdom!

A winner will be drawn at random from all comments made until 12:00 am, Thursday, December 6th 2018 using Rafflecopter.  Check back on Thursday, December 6th to find out if you’re a winner! Fist bump to you. Let the games begin!


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23 Replies to “Brick Builder Bible Giveaway”

  1. Ohh pick me, pick me!! 😬 My weather tip hard-learned in NYC was to not skimp on a winter coat and quality boots. You do so much walking and commuting your outerwear is like your car or tires. First year I was a wet, cold mess.

  2. Love it! Who wouldn’t like a bible built for the kiddos! E would love this! My tip… hmmmm hot chocolate and long socks indoors! And outdoors, infinity scarves take the hassle way from trying to style it lol. And hats… keep them ears warm 🙂

  3. Haha Bel you are too cute! I love your blog posts 🙂 And I love giveaways!
    Let’s see I get so cold year round. I brave the cold by wearing thermal leggings and lots of layers :).
    I also sometimes slip hand-warmers in my mittens if it is really cold.
    I get cold in the home too and a heated blanket has been wonderful (Saves $ from not having to blast the heat at night and from not drying up the air- which makes for dry eyes and skin!)

  4. Ohhh I never knew about the brick builder bible until now! :). My favorite way to stay warm is to wear warm socks – I find that if my feet is warm, the rest of my body feels that much warmer! And also holding/drinking a cup of hot tea 🍵

  5. I like 32 Degree undershirts for layering because they’re really thin but still add warmth. And clothes and outerwear that fall well below the waist because if I catch a draft at my mid-section then I’m really chilled!

  6. Me! Pick me! My way of Stay warm is to wear socks to keep my feet warm and drink warm water all day long! and of course wear the thermo From Uniqlo extra warm or ultra warm(this one is pretty hot if stays indoor)!

  7. We stay warm with layers. One of my favorite cold weather picks is fingerless gloves. I can keep my fingers and wrists warm while I am at work or working on projects at home.

  8. Hi Bel!
    I like those hand warmers ( packets that you twist which activates heat). I place them in my coat pockets. It’s so cozy!

  9. Uniqlo heattech undergarments & elderberry! Ever since we started taking it I haven’t been sick. To be fair Teresa passed the elderberry tip on to me 😂

  10. How very cool!! Love this brickbuilders bible! I think my nieces and nephew would love this!! My tip for keeping warm- hot tea and layering up and definitely wearing a coat with a hood (though woe is me…I broke the zipper on my hooded coat last week busting my butt to get out the door in the morning)

  11. A few good layers, that’s easy to shed off after you are out and about, and getting indoors. My go to is a slim vest jacket. A heavy coat may not always be comfortable indoors or if you’re driving. A proper coat also plays a very important role in a frigid winter. A coat has to have good length or long enough to cover down to mid-thigh, and with somewhat water resistant tech, with an attached hat in case the elements catches up to you! Warm and water resistant boots are also your best friend!

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