It’s been 7+ years since I started this gig and it’s about time you started hearing from someone on this blog other than me!  That’s why I am excited. Enthusiastic. And really siked (did I spell that wrong?) to start this new series called It’s Not Just Me.  Every week beginning next Monday, I’ll be featuring a different young/youngish adult and their older pair.  It’s a chance for others to honor an older adult in their life while they are living and also a chance for others to remember someone old and special who may have passed.  There will be the Grandparent Edition, the Parent Edition (for those with older parents), and the Neighbor/Older Friend Edition.  In time, I also plan to feature a Professional Edition where you get to meet other young professionals working in the aging field. The goal is to show you that I really am NOT so crazy for loving the old and personally share with you other examples of how to love the old in your life (there are many styles of lovin’ you know?)


Come next Monday morning and those Mondays thereafter, you WILL have something to look forward to! YESS, EVERY MONDAY you can meet our newest feature/friend.  If you are inspired, be sure to like each feature at or on this page.  If you got a little excited hearing about It’s Not Just Me and would like to submit an entry, send me an email at for more details.  Cannot wait to hear from you! Get ready!


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