I’m about 30 weeks now and I can’t believe how fast time flies. I’ve been doing well and thank God for good health and good baby health thus far.  I’m excited for the baby’s arrival and just so interested to see what this thing called labor is REALLY like.  And of course, I can’t wait to meet Kevin and my baby and to see what she is really like!

So I read a blog about blogging that recommended that I post even though I may not always have the time to write the “perfect post.”  My ideal is to be able to write and rewrite a few times before posting, however, I’m starting to learn that I won’t be able to keep up with post ideas unless I just write! Here’s to posting!
Gifts for Grandma – Somewhere to Start!
Every Christmas I would always buy my grandparents pretty much the same thing. My grandpa would get a Snicker’s bar and my grandma just asked for an orange and a kiss.   Those gifts were enough for my grandparents, but if the chocolate and orange won’t cut it in your family, let me introduce you to the world of senior gadgets out there.  Maybe you’re looking for a gift for your grandparents and you want something practical yet thoughtful.  Prune juice and stool softener aren’t exactly the ideal, so allow me to share some suggestions. Here are five ideas to help you brainstorm:
1. Cell phone with big numbers – These days Verizon only has phones that have the smallest buttons and numbers so it makes it really difficult for anyone with bad vision.   Something else to consider might be home phones and remote controls with big numbers.
2. Stretchable shoelaces – If your grandparents/parents have arthritic fingers, tying shoelaces just isn’t as easy as it used to be. Here’s something that will allow them to still wear their favorite sneakers so that they don’t have to convert completely to velcro.
3. A hip cane to walk around with – Are you aware of the many canes out there?  Not only are there different types of mobility devices, but there are canes out there with more designs and patterns than there ever were before.  Look for something that will fit your grandparent or maybe see if your aging loved one might benefit from a cool cane that can fold out into a handy chair.
4. A can opener for arthritic hands – You may be able to help open a can for your aging loved one when you’re home, but what about when you’re not there? It can be frustrating to do some of the most simple tasks when you have arthritis or your grip strength just isn’t as good as it used to be.
5. Large print keyboard stickers – Maybe Grandpa’s hesitance to email has nothing to do with computer skill, but more to do with bad vision. Here’s something that may encourage your grandparent to email you more often!
For more suggestions, check our Simple Comforts (http://www.simplecomforts.com/).  If you google, I’m sure you’ll find many other internet stores out there with great ideas.  Simple Comforts is local (out of Virginia) and I heard about them when I coordinated health fairs a few years back.  I love the products they have available and am always amazed by the gadgets out there.  Let me know your thoughts about these products or any great gift ideas you’ve given to your grandparents. Would love to hear from you!  Happy shopping!

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  1. Numbers 1 and 5 are great ideas. Our elders are often forgotten about when it comes to new technology. Font sizes on keys, or button sizes on other devices can actually be a huge barrier that can be overcome with simple solutions.

    Large print on the keyboard, or even brighter colours that add contrast can allow them more time looking at all the fun stuff on the screen. Some get discouraged if they spend too much time looking down trying to find the letters.

    Those 2 points above are some of the common complaints we hear from the seniors in our program. If you're curious, we're filming a documentary about students teaching seniors how to use the Internet.
    Check us out if you ever have the time!


    Take care!

  2. Thank you for your comment! I just went to a senior health fair the other day and the low vision group makes use of the large print on key boards and much more. They also use Magnifier which is supposedly part of Microsoft Vista to help increase the font size on the computer without actually having to increase the font size! Pretty cool!

    Thanks for sharing your documentary! I checked out your website and that is truly awesome!

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