Have you seen the recent Yahoo News! article on the couple that got married at age 90 and 100??  Yes, love and attraction still exists in old age.  In my last job, I worked at an awesome retirement community and this story reminds me of the residents who were in dating relationships or even getting married even into their 80’s.  I was working in the fitness center at the time when I met the first “old person” who told me she was currently engaged.  My first thought was that the resident had some memory loss issues, but I learned quickly that this was not the case.  She was in fact engaged and her fiance was there with her to prove it!

This recent article makes me smile, not only because Forest and Rose are so old in age, but because they started dating when I was born and 28 years later, they decided to tie the knot.  Fascinating real life story and probably the longest dating relationship I’ll ever witness.  Here’s to love and living!

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